Artist Statement//CV

Artist Statement


  The law of conservation tells us that no energy is ever created or destroyed, it simply shifts from one form to another. Through this work I seek ways to apply this belief to space: how we both give and take space in the same breath. How do we use our bodies, and their ability to find pleasure in the mundane, to engender more moments of enjoyment, curiosity, and awareness. I want to make space through, visceral engagement, for moments of reflection and discovery.

      I seek to explore ideas of memory and narrative in connection with the way objects share space and embody identity. Iā€™m interested in ideas of protection and self-identity: what things do we build up around ourselves and others to prevent vulnerability and how do those fragile narratives shift and morph over time to maintain their strength. The kinetic movement of this semi-rigid material speaks to the mutable nature of our systems of protection, both the strength of flexibility but also the stretching, drooping, and tears that accompany the constant shifting of identity.

  A patchwork of links moving together tells the story of a constantly moving shelter that is built both to identify with and protect from the outside world. As everything eventually gives way to another in an inevitable dance of form and space, these sculptures balance dualities like rigid and flexible, hard and soft, to make space between for the unknown.